7 July 2010

excellence awards

I have had the good fortune, of having 3 of the stories I styled and photographed, entered into the caxton magazines excellence awards.  These are some of the images from the shoot and the idea behind the concept.

New Wave
idea behind.
Recreating the coastal holiday feeling, one feels when by the sea.  Nostalgic pattern, like the tiles- blue and white checkerboard.  They recreate the feel of a warm, balmy Mediterranean evening, with the smell of hot peaches and a sea breeze.  The idea, to have the continuous feel of holiday comfort and carefree happiness in your interiors.  This has been achieved with the use of blue, sky and sea.  With bits of natural seaside driftwood and shells, to transport you back to the sound of crashing waves. Using the idea of holiday photos(printing large panels), and creating a backdrop of the sea, in your lounging area.
The Great Indoors
Idea behind
The Idea is to incorporate, bits of nature into your interiors.  By incorporating collections of butterflies or plants.  Creating the feeling of outside, inside by the use of materials such as wood, and eco friendly items like, the cardboard side table.  Texture is important, as it is prevalent outside, and creates the warmth of a forest environment.   To keep the look fresh, and to awaken the senses- vibrant green is used- to symbolize growth.  We have a natural calmness that overcomes us in the outdoors, and by using white , green and tones of nature. I have tried to simulate this.


  1. Congrats on the entrance in the excellence awards!

    My personal favourite is the middle one of the tree : incorporate bits of nature into your interiors

  2. Well done. I recognise the work from the mag and was completely drawn to the new wave spread...in fact was looking at it the other day when I bought some greek blue ceramic paint for some white dishes I have to fire. Love it :-))