6 December 2010


I first read about Lionel Smit, and his achievements, in the local newspaper. I then tracked him down via email, and he was in London for the Graf/Christies exhibition! We had a fantastic shoot together for Garden and Home Magazine. Now I  turn every corner, and see his work, in amazing houses, and galleries.  I am always happy when artists create, events showing people what goes in to all there work. Lionel invited his followers to a casting at night, what an intense event.  I know he is going places.

21 November 2010

Mungo Design


Having seen Mungo Design items, over the past few years. I never really knew about them.  When I went to London last year, and interviewed Polly Dixon, the Creative Director of Conran International , I remembered her saying she got a gift of flat towels that where from a textile producer in Plettenberg Bay(South Africa). I guessed they where from Mungo Design, and she remembered the name. She said she would never use another towel in her life, they were so absorbent, and easy to travel with.  When she came to South Africa last year she found them, and now they produce for the Conran shop internationally.  This is all thanks to visionary textile man, Stuart Holding.  Stuart believes in quality, and has a passion for finding samples of old weaving. Since then I have used there products extensively in my shoots over the past year. I have even done a "pat on your back page" on Stuart (for Garden&Home), the founder and force behind  Mungo Design. 

I had the joy of visiting their shop, at the Old Nick in Plettenberg bay last week, it was amazing to see how the textiles are still made on vintage machinery.  It really makes you feel the quality, and workmanship.  I am completely converted,  and never want a fluffy towel again.

14 August 2010

Salt at Overture

My Friends, and also my favourite chefs, are Craig Cormack, and Bertus Basson they from, Overture Restaurant. These are some photographs, I did to illustrate the special evenings they host. They pair food, and wine with SALT.

29 July 2010

room 39

I have recently had the great opportunity of working with some creative London Girls, from Room 39.  London based decor website. It should be up and running in October.  They have sourced some product from our amazing pull of SA designers, ie Danny from Moonbasket- see her lights (green below),David Krynauw, for his amazing wooden lights(top and middle), and Piers from Fly-pitcher, which I have had the opportunity of introducing you to before.  I am looking foward to a parcel, with their kiddies Linen, and another shoot soon, will keep you updated.
For more info contact Simone.

7 July 2010

excellence awards

I have had the good fortune, of having 3 of the stories I styled and photographed, entered into the caxton magazines excellence awards.  These are some of the images from the shoot and the idea behind the concept.

New Wave
idea behind.
Recreating the coastal holiday feeling, one feels when by the sea.  Nostalgic pattern, like the tiles- blue and white checkerboard.  They recreate the feel of a warm, balmy Mediterranean evening, with the smell of hot peaches and a sea breeze.  The idea, to have the continuous feel of holiday comfort and carefree happiness in your interiors.  This has been achieved with the use of blue, sky and sea.  With bits of natural seaside driftwood and shells, to transport you back to the sound of crashing waves. Using the idea of holiday photos(printing large panels), and creating a backdrop of the sea, in your lounging area.
The Great Indoors
Idea behind
The Idea is to incorporate, bits of nature into your interiors.  By incorporating collections of butterflies or plants.  Creating the feeling of outside, inside by the use of materials such as wood, and eco friendly items like, the cardboard side table.  Texture is important, as it is prevalent outside, and creates the warmth of a forest environment.   To keep the look fresh, and to awaken the senses- vibrant green is used- to symbolize growth.  We have a natural calmness that overcomes us in the outdoors, and by using white , green and tones of nature. I have tried to simulate this.

excellence awards

Idea behind trend-
A way of bring in art, or the idea of Hand Drawn into home Interiors.  A fun way of incorporating art into decor, by choosing a fabric that is hand illustrated and using it as a scatter or covering a chair. Illustration, can also be fun like spray painted feel, seen in the Pierre Frey- Graphiti fabric.  Or the more traditional Toile wallpaper, but somehow, when there is a commonality they work together.  When keeping to toned down colours, like the black and white.  Everything as long as there is a common thread seems to 'fit in' with each other.  The idea was to show people how to achieve this, and to show to use it on walls, floors, ceramics, and furniture.  There is also a feel of supporting local artists, let them be doodle style architectural drawings, or more floral type drawings on ceramics, to make one conscious that this is also a form of art.  By supporting these artists, we bring bits of art into our houses, although it is functional.
But above all, it is to illustrate having fun with sketches, and to bring personality into your space.

19 June 2010

outdoor indoor

The glass box on the left was specially designed by Peerutin Architects, to have an almost seamless feel. This was part of my outdoor rooms feature in House and Leisure.  The counter is made from Corain. The urn is by Moooi, available at Crema Design. The image on the right is a hanging chair on a frame from The Modern Garden Company. The Scatter Fabric, is Jolly by Christian Fischbacher, available at The Silk and Cotton Company.

13 June 2010


Fly-pitcher is the dynamic husband and wife duo. Piers and Nicola.  Back in SA after spending sometime abroad building up contacts, and exhibiting internationally.  This is an example of the Espresso Table Light  -designed by Piers- it comes in "single" and "double" sizes.  In an array of exciting colours.  I am greatly excited about the Floor lights, and the Pendant lights to come.

7 June 2010


 This is an extract from a kitchen feature in house and leisure, which I styled and produced.  It illustrates the modern use of colour,  by adding solid planes of a single colour.  Top left, is in  Marlene Van Der Westhuizens French cooking school. She has mixed traditional french copper pots, which are available at Culinary Equipment Company, with a timeless yet modern, Kitchen Aid mixer, available from Yuppiechef.
Top Right, Modular units make an instant, mobile cocktail cabinet. This kitchen was designed  Cabinetworks.
Bottom Left,  Grey works as an amazing backdrop to add any colour too. The blonde girl, is my daughter Allegra, and her friend Melrose.  Bottom right, Glass cladding in Rose Red by  Cohension InteriorsKitchen design by Assirelli Italian Design. Do not be afraid to add accents of colour ,to create an unique space, that will remain timeless if done in an contemporary way.

25 May 2010

dylan lewis

shapeshifting is Dylan Lewis current exhibition in stellenbosch. I was honoured to meet and photograph him, after seeing his sculptures all over town. I am so grateful to him for sharing his work with the public. He has a fantastic new exhibition,starting next month at Kirstenbosch Gardens. It incorporates sculpture and vertical gardening. Look foward to it.

12 May 2010


Mielie handmade products from Cape Town. Adri a designer who started Mielie, is ahead of her time in product development. She has an amazing blog and, employs more than 50 people. She sells internationally, and has achieved great things.

10 May 2010


Tables are the space people spend most time at when being entertained. Have fun with them. By using a theme, we make our guests feel our passion, for the decor we have chosen. Allowing them to escape. The following themes are from the the December issue of House and Leisure. Gold/Glamour, organic, and Rooftop Designer.

6 May 2010

return to earth

In nature, what we see, what we feel, and what we touch should influence our interiors. By using large windows to feel one with outside, or by adding texture and splashes of natural colour. The space between inside and outside merge, until they almost seamless.

5 May 2010

moody winter interiors

Biofires are recommended to create an almost hypnotising focus piece. It burns with Ethanol, is completely portable and best of all has absolutely no smell. Loving mine.

27 April 2010

Royale with food

Chef Leslie @ 1800, creates beautiful steaks paired with salts, from all over the world.Visit them for the best view of the new Greenpoint Stadium. To top it all, The Cape Royale is the 2010 winner of the best Luxury Hotel in Africa.I am proud to do their pr Photographs.

24 April 2010


These Photographs are from a shoot I did for House and Leisure, a feature on Bathrooms. They show the individuality of different spaces. For me a Bathroom needs to be both clinical, and individual. This can be done through modern accents such Hansgrohe sanitaryware. Or splashproof Oluce lighting from Eldc. Incorporating modern clear polycarbonate furniture like the Kartell Charles Ghost, from Twiice International. These items can be paired with colourful Mosaics, or with coloured panels- like the example of the red persex window insert. This is available in other colours from Maizey plastics.

19 April 2010

happy food

I have good memories of Sunday Lunch with Ian and his friends. He always has such an effortless cooking style. He can now be found, at Greenways Hotel. Good luck Ian.

14 April 2010


I found these portraits I did, and am so wanting to do some more. I feel a new excitement.

12 April 2010

Lorenzo Nassimbeni

My dealings with Lorenzo have been nothing but delightful. I have always been able to rely on him. He has always provided me with amazing product for my shoots. His work is enticing, on many levels. I have always loved maps, and doodles of buildings-his inspiration. He makes me feel like traveling, and a tourist in my own country. Everybody should have some of his fabric, or his original artworks. His fabric designs are available countrywide at Mavromac . His original artworks are available from Monique at Salon91.

8 April 2010


By combining old items that have history like, this Belgian Verdure Tapestry, restored by Fibre Design With a modern
Magis stacking Tosca armchair in polycarbonate, from ID Solutions. Your bedroom, will become, a place of comfort and include texture to evoke mood and feeling. Texture can be added to walls , floors or by layering bedding. Use surprise, and unexpected elements of colour, to create a focal point. Images from House and Leisure, Bedroom Solutions.

7 April 2010

natural palette

Thanks to Dave at Peerutin Architects, I found this amazing Kitchen in Llundudno to photograph. It was brand new, so they asked me to style it up for them. One look at the Sea, and the glass splashbacks, and I decided on the colour turquoise. Le Creuset had the perfect pots to match. The Stool_one is by Magis, designed by Konstantin Grcic. The Tomato Soup was prepared and styled by my friend Abigail Donnelly for Woolworths Taste Magazine.

5 April 2010


Going to Nelia's shop, Gister, in Somerset West, is always exciting. She is the Queen of Vintage. She knows just the right way to mix things together. To my great excitement, I have styled and photographed her house for the next issue of House and Leisure. Hope you all like it. It is a special one for me , as it is my first 8 page house feature, for H&L.

la Masseria

I have known Miki, and Lorenzo for about 10yrs now. They have always treated me like family. I feel like their official photographer, having documented Nona making her families regional pasta. If you want to feel like part of an Italian family for a day, go and have lunch with them at La Masseria

5 March 2010


This is an extract from house and leisure magazine, a feature which I styled and photographed for them.
top row: recycled light by heath nash,wall light: light au lait, designed by ingo maurer from eldc
bottom row: beaded light by ink design, and the Marset TXL standing light design by joan gasper from eldc.

13 January 2010

tribute to a colourful 2010.

It has been a busy 2009, and 2010 seems to be exciting from the very start.
This is my very first entry. My purpose is to illustrate my love for the art of photography, as well as some beautiful decor finds. I hope can inspire you.