7 July 2010

excellence awards

Idea behind trend-
A way of bring in art, or the idea of Hand Drawn into home Interiors.  A fun way of incorporating art into decor, by choosing a fabric that is hand illustrated and using it as a scatter or covering a chair. Illustration, can also be fun like spray painted feel, seen in the Pierre Frey- Graphiti fabric.  Or the more traditional Toile wallpaper, but somehow, when there is a commonality they work together.  When keeping to toned down colours, like the black and white.  Everything as long as there is a common thread seems to 'fit in' with each other.  The idea was to show people how to achieve this, and to show to use it on walls, floors, ceramics, and furniture.  There is also a feel of supporting local artists, let them be doodle style architectural drawings, or more floral type drawings on ceramics, to make one conscious that this is also a form of art.  By supporting these artists, we bring bits of art into our houses, although it is functional.
But above all, it is to illustrate having fun with sketches, and to bring personality into your space.

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