21 November 2010

Mungo Design


Having seen Mungo Design items, over the past few years. I never really knew about them.  When I went to London last year, and interviewed Polly Dixon, the Creative Director of Conran International , I remembered her saying she got a gift of flat towels that where from a textile producer in Plettenberg Bay(South Africa). I guessed they where from Mungo Design, and she remembered the name. She said she would never use another towel in her life, they were so absorbent, and easy to travel with.  When she came to South Africa last year she found them, and now they produce for the Conran shop internationally.  This is all thanks to visionary textile man, Stuart Holding.  Stuart believes in quality, and has a passion for finding samples of old weaving. Since then I have used there products extensively in my shoots over the past year. I have even done a "pat on your back page" on Stuart (for Garden&Home), the founder and force behind  Mungo Design. 

I had the joy of visiting their shop, at the Old Nick in Plettenberg bay last week, it was amazing to see how the textiles are still made on vintage machinery.  It really makes you feel the quality, and workmanship.  I am completely converted,  and never want a fluffy towel again.