25 May 2010

dylan lewis

shapeshifting is Dylan Lewis current exhibition in stellenbosch. I was honoured to meet and photograph him, after seeing his sculptures all over town. I am so grateful to him for sharing his work with the public. He has a fantastic new exhibition,starting next month at Kirstenbosch Gardens. It incorporates sculpture and vertical gardening. Look foward to it.

12 May 2010


Mielie handmade products from Cape Town. Adri a designer who started Mielie, is ahead of her time in product development. She has an amazing blog and, employs more than 50 people. She sells internationally, and has achieved great things.

10 May 2010


Tables are the space people spend most time at when being entertained. Have fun with them. By using a theme, we make our guests feel our passion, for the decor we have chosen. Allowing them to escape. The following themes are from the the December issue of House and Leisure. Gold/Glamour, organic, and Rooftop Designer.

6 May 2010

return to earth

In nature, what we see, what we feel, and what we touch should influence our interiors. By using large windows to feel one with outside, or by adding texture and splashes of natural colour. The space between inside and outside merge, until they almost seamless.

5 May 2010

moody winter interiors

Biofires are recommended to create an almost hypnotising focus piece. It burns with Ethanol, is completely portable and best of all has absolutely no smell. Loving mine.